We retrieve information in all the significant press sources released in Romania. At your request, the list of monitored newspapers may be adjusted to your individual needs.

The reach matters! We monitor over 500 press titles with a nationwide and local reach. We bet on top quality of the delivered data. We guarantee it thanks to an effective combination of automation and analysis done by qualified specialists. The whole of the analysed information from the nationwide press is visible on the Platform as soon as they are identified. With us, you will not miss any important piece of information on your brand – check opinions of our Clients!

Press monitoring records are daily available from 5.30am on mediaTRUST Platform.
Value parameters
All the press materials are described by the following indicators: AVE, reading, circulation, power index.
Automatic overtone assessment
The influence of the publication on the brand's image is analysed instantly after its retrieving, and presented in monitoring records.


The television is a medium with a very big reach, especially with regard to an older part of the society. At mediaTRUST, we offer the broadest range of monitored channels in Romania.

Therefore, if you carry out communication activities with a mass character, and if you want to check what image of your brand is created by the television, our monitoring of the television is a perfect solution for you. We retrieve information from 22 nationwide and regional TV channels. We also enable the monitoring of archive broadcasts, and we adjust the list of monitored channels to our Clients' expectations.

Records from the monitoring of the television and radio are available on our Platform within 2 hours from the programme's broadcasting.
You can check the results of all the media's monitoring on mediaTRUST Platform 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, from any place of the world, wherever there is access to the Internet.
Overtone assessment
All the radio and television broadcasts are evaluated by qualified analysts in terms of their influence on the monitored brand's image.


Do you listen to the radio? So do we - 24 hours a day! We monitor up to 13 radio stations with a nationwide and local reach. This is presently the broadest range available in the Romanian market.

The monitoring of the radio at mediaTRUST covers all the broadcast proposals, e.g. news broadcasts, economic-political ones, political-publicist ones, as well as reports and automotive broadcasts. We can also search for archive broadcasts from the recent two months. The radio monitoring record, together with the assessment of the message's overtone, is presented on the Platform within a few hours from the programme's broadcasting.

Broadcast indicators
You can additionally order from us data on TV viewership and radio audience rate - these parameters will be displayed next to the retrieved broadcasts.
Analytical Module
It enables a rapid analysis of the effects of your marketing and PR activities in all the monitored media.
On the Platform, you can set up the notifications that you will receive by email or SMS in indicated hours. You may also order EMERGENCY notifications about information critical to the brand's image.
Clients about us

We have been collaborating with mediaTRUST forover 4 years and we are extremely satisfied with the press monitoring results, the structure of the media reports we receive on a monthly basis, and with the company’s flexibility in meeting our needs.

Irina Lada
Communication Coordinator for Romania and Bulgaria, Saint-Gobain Poland, Romania, Bulgaria Delegation

We had been searching for the ideal monitoring formula for years. At mediaTRUST, we found the instruments, but most of all the people we needed. Regardless of the situation, we always received the necessary support and solutions, with an obvious preoccupation for the client and for a long-term relation. We did not feel that we were dealing with people who aimed at profit exclusively, but with a team for whom the client service idea is not just a phrase.

Raluca Antonescu
General Manager Antonescu PR & Consulting

Entrusting the media monitoring service to a specialized company is, to a certain extent, like subcontracting one’s hearing, sight or smell. mediaTRUST convinced us by its high level of technology, but most of all by its team’s availability.

Traian Traicu
Head of media relations, BRD Groupe Société Générale

This is the second year we have resorted to mediaTRUST monitoring services for the two international festivals organized by Ion Creangă Theater. The collaboration has been extremely efficient, the reports sent by the monitoring company were precise and of good quality. We are delighted to work with such a professional team, who has constantly tried to meet our needs by offering personalized solutions and wide experience in the sector.

Anca Scurtu
PR Coordinator - Ion Creanga Theater

For an event such as TEDxBucharest, with rich content, an ever-growing need of media coverage and a stable reach to our public, we consider it of utter importance to be able to monitor in real time our communication efforts and adapt our strategies accordingly. mediaTRUST offers us the possibility of doing this and a lot more, providing us with the tools to properly measure our impact in the media and the support to use them efficiently. They are true professionals with a high sense of customer service and openness to new ideas. TEDxBucharest is happy to have a long-standing partnership with mediaTRUST!

Marius Andrici
TEDxBucharest - Communications Manager

As event managers and communication professionals, we rely on the outreach of our media partners and our earned media to promote the work we do for our clients and end consumers. Having the right platform and service to properly monitor all the media channels we use is of tremendous help for us. We consider mediaTRUST to be the leading supplier of media monitoring on our market and are happy to work with such partners.

Andrei Dinu
EVENTHEROES - Managing Partner

In an era of super-communication, Untold festival wants to stay permanently in touch and miss nothing, not even one conversation, and mediaTRUST made this possible. The festival which changed the rules of communication in Romania needed a reliable partner whom it could entrust with one of the hottest topics of 2015.

Adrian Chereji
Marketing and Communication Manager of Untold Festival

mediaTRUST knows everything about the media, just as their slogan says, and we, their partners, learn everything about the image of our projects as reflected in the media. The collaboration between the Romanian Film Promotion Association and mediaTRUST for Gopo Awards Gala illustrated the major media interest in our event. In 2014, according to the monitoring carried out by mediaTRUST, the event benefitted from 2089 mentions, over a 30 days period. mediaTRUST allows us to understand our position in the media, which helps us considerably in the relation with our sponsors, financiers and partners.

Ramona Șărbu
Project Manager Gopo Awards

At McDonald’s, we choose the partners we collaborate with very carefully. Our brand has over 60 years of history worldwide and 20 years of presence on the local market. Therefore, the quality of services is extremely important for us. That is why we chose mediaTRUST as partners. They understand our company’s needs perfectly and constantly provide services beyond expectations.

Ramona Ciocodei – Communication Manager
McDonald’s Romania

mediaTRUST has been our provider of media monitoring services in Romania for 3 years.
We are more than happy with the monitoring services provided.
We and our customers appreciate the timely delivery and the excellent data quality.

Klaus Michler
MD, Munich Media Office, Germany

mediaTRUST is our reliable partner every day. During an event or a campaign, or when we have to measure the results of our work, mediaTRUST provides precise and well-documented information in real time. Moreover, the reports made available are real archives for Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.

Ioana Petrea
Fundraising Director & Comunication, Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation

We have decided to collaborate with mediaTRUST and we are delighted to have made this choice, given the quality and the promptness of the services provided. The alert service is extremely useful, and the monitoring platform is easy to use, allowing us to perform complex analyses in real time.

Daniela Șerban
Director IR & PR, Bucharest Stock Exchange

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