Institute of media monitoring policy on cookies

1. What are “cookies”?

These are small text files sent out by the provider of the websites we visit and stored on the device (PC, laptop, smartphone) used to browse the web.


2. Types of cookies:

a) session cookies
Temporary files which are used during your visit to the website. They are stored on the Users device until the person leaves the website, logs out of the service or the browser is closed.
b) persistent cookies
These are files which either are permanent or have a specified date when they self-erase. They are stored in the device memory until user removes them.


3. What do we use cookies for?

Cookies are used to generate statistics which help websites operators understand the waycustomers use their sites, thus enabling them to improve the layout and content of the site. Prime functions of cookies are to:
– identify the User’s browser and display the webpage tailored to that particular software
– store the User’s sessions (after login out) and as a result eliminating the need to log onevery time the person returns to the site
– display ads targeted more accurately to Users needs


4. Turning off cookies by the user

The default setting of most browsers is to accept cookies. The User can change these settings at any time in his web browser:
a) Google Chrome
b) Microsoft Internet Explorer
c) Mozilla Firefox
d) Opera
e) Safari


5. Additional information

This website does not collect any automated information other than those contained in cookies.



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