The most extensively cited media products in Romania

The study “The most extensively cited media products in Romania” provides information on how often certain products were quoted in the media (print) and does not include press agencies. The analysis includes all the materials from the printed press to have quoted various media (print, online, radio, TV). The report includes publications which refer to articles, comments and statements to have appeared in various media, provided they were not part of media reviews or reprints from other media.


Brands reflected in Advertising

The report "Brands reflected in Advertising" is elaborate based on the monitoring of commer/Studii_media/Stcials displayed during a determined time interval on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations, and 200 local publications. With the help of admonit application, mediaTRUST presents the visibility of promoted brands in the commercials.


The most publicized celebrities

"The most publicized celebrities" report analyzes the Romanian celebrities’ popularity level based on their media exposure. The research also provides data on the advertising value equivalent (one of the indicators reflecting the efficiency of analyzed information) of each celebrity in the media.


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